Friday, May 28, 2010

Day 4

We started the day off with a trip to Playa De' Carmen. We had a 30 minute trip from our resort. The trip there was a real eye opener. The locals were out and about living their lives. We saw very young children walking the streets unsupervised, dogs and cats running about, and homes that looked unlivable. I know that Mexico has a lot of poverty but until you see it with your own two eyes you will not fully understand. My heart empathizes with the people of Mexico that live on tourism alone. Without tourist they would have little job opportunities. Even though I was heartbroken for the poverty stricken country, it was nice to see the children singing, dancing, and playing about. The soccer fields were full of children with raw talent and big dreams. I hope the children of Mexico keep the hope that they can make their dreams come true with hard work and perseverance. While in Playa De' Carmen we shopped, talked with the locals, and ate authentic Mexican food. We had an eye opening wonderful experience. After our day trip we headed back to the resort for dinner at the French restaurant. Dinner was great minus the appetizer we ordered steak tartar (not our cup of tea). After dinner we headed to the plaza to hang out. Chalk up another great day in Mexico!
Our Resort Sign
A Local Little Girl Eating an Ice Cream Cone
Everything at the Shop was so Colorful
All the Police Officers Carry Machine Guns
Eric and Me
Me and Eric
Anyone can Buy any Drugs without a Script
Cats and Dogs were just Roaming Around
Map of the area we are staying
Guacamole made fresh at our table

Local Musician

I had to buy my neices and nephew a t-shirt
A sombrero for Max
View from our Patio before Dinner

Eric, Me, Brijal, Manoj

All of these paintings were painted in front of us with spray paint by a local talented man

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