Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Day 2

Eric started the day off with a bang by shooting a riffle. He did very well; he had the second highest score out of the group. We then headed to the pool and relaxed at the swim up bar. While at the pool a monkey was brought around. The monkey was so friendly and cute. I asked the monkey trainer if I could pet him, he said sure. I put my hand out and the monkey jumped right on it and started kissing me! We also spent some time at the Ocean today. The water is so beautiful and clear. It was very relaxing to lay by the ocean and listen to the waves. Later in the evening we headed to the Indian restaurant. The food was great but a little spicy for my liking. After dinner we headed to the quad for music, drinks, cigars, and dancing. Eric was super excited that he could legally smoke a Cuban cigar! We are having having a wonderful time.
Eric With His Shooting Target.
Riffle Shooting

At the Beach

Swim Up Bar
Towel Art in Our Room
Ricky Martin the Monkey

Ready for Dinner

Brijail, Manoj, Eric, Me
The Menu at the Indian Resturant

If we decide to move to Mexico at least we know Eric will have a job!! LOL
Eric Getting his Cuban

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