Saturday, November 10, 2012

5 Months

This month has brought lots more change.  At music class you sat up on your own for the first time.   You are so alert during music class, you enjoy the drums and singing.  You are also now rolling over both ways.   It is fun to see you in the beginning stages of being mobile.  You are starting to coo and babble (Daddy and I can not get enough of you talking to us).  It is hard to believe that in just 5 shorts months you have went from being a tiny infant to sweet little baby full of personality.  It is truly a blessing to watch you learn and grow.   
Weight: 13.6 lbs -  25% percentile

Length 25 inches - 75 percentile

Size: You are mostly wearing 3-6 month clothes and size 2  diapers

Feeding Schedule: You like to nurse every 2.5-3 hours. You are a pro with the bottle. Next month we are going to start you on barley cereal!   

Sleeping Schedule: You are sleeping in your crib. You go to sleep around 7:00pm. You are still waking up several times each night.  If your paci falls out you cry until Mommy or Daddy plug you back in! 

Likes: You still love to be swaddled, baths, being rocked, chewing on your hands & putting everything in your mouth, going for walks, your soft pink bunny, your blankie,  pacifiers, watching Max run around, rolling over, playing in your jumparoo, Mommy & Daddy reading books to you, music class and sitting up.

Dislikes: Loud noises and your car seat.   

Events: This month was bittersweet.  Your great grandpa passed away at the age of 90.   He lived a long life filled with love and family.  I know he is watching over you.  We celebrated your 1st Halloween. We took you to the Warren Halloween Festival.  Mommy had so much fun dressing you up in several costumes and outfits!  We also helped Liam celebrate his birthday!