Monday, February 28, 2011

Family Date Night

Family date night at the Rib Room! Every once in a while it is nice to get together as a family without the kids.  The kids are wonderful but sometimes we don’t have a chance to have adult talk and catch up with each other when the kids are running around.  The food at the Rib Room was delicious and the company was fantastic.    After dinner the family came over to our house and watched basketball and had after dinner cocktails.  A huge thanks to our parents for treating us all to a wonderful dinner!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Sunday afternoon the Sparks family headed to the bowling alley for a little fun.  The kids had a great time, I think Addison even beat my score! Eric was the big shot for the day and walked away the winner!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Slow but Steady

Slow but steady that's our motto for our home! Since we lived in a furnished apartment we have no furniture and little belongings, but we won't let that hold us back.  The first thing I wanted to buy was a washer and dryer! I could not bare to go to the laundromat one more time.  With a little paint, a shelve, a couple of baskets, and a new washer and dryer I have completed the first room in our house!

Laundry Room Before
                                                    I have never been so happy to do laundry
                                                                     Kitchen Before
A little paint can go a long way...we only have a couple more things to do and the kitchen will be finished
                                                           The navy blue wall had to go...
                                                     Much we just need some furniture and a new TV

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Superbowl Sunday

For three years in a row Eric and I have spent Superbowl Sunday with the Brouwer’s.  This year was pretty low key since our teams (Colts, Jets, and Saints) were not in the running.  Even though our teams were not playing we still had traditional Superbowl snacks and were excited about the commercials and the game.  Eric, Adam, and I cheered for the Steelers and Kristi cheered on the Packer.  Hopefully next year one of our teams will make it to the Superbowl and give us a little more excitement on Superbowl Sunday!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Poor Maxie

My poor puppy…Max is still not settled in the house.  He is waiting to go back to the apartment! Max will wait by the garage door, as soon as I open the garage door he starts begging to get in my car.  I feel so bad for him so I let him lay in my car sometimes.  The car seems to reduce his anxiety a little bit.  The problem comes when I want him to come back in the house.  He will not get out of the car.  If I open the front car door he runs to the back end…if I go to the back he runs to the front.  It literally took me 15 minutes the other day to get him out of my car.  I feel so bad for him; I know he does understand why we moved.  I have done everything I can think of to help him feel at home.  I saved water from our apartment so his water does not taste differently.  I have not washed his bedding or toys.  We have tried to keep his schedule the same.  If anyone has any tips I would greatly appreciate it.  I just want him to be happy and not stressed out…I am stressed enough for the whole family, no need for him to stress also.  

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ice Rink

Saturday was a winter wonderland outside, so what better to do than go ice skating! So the Strobel’s and Strine’s hit the ice rink.  We knew the girls would have fun but we did not know they would both be naturals on the ice! Within minutes both girls were off on their own skating circles around us.  If you are ever looking for a family friendly inexpensive winter activity I would suggest ice skating!

                                                I did not even know they made skates this small

                                                                                   Love Birds

                                                                                      How Sweet
                                                                              An Indiana Winter Day

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Home

Out with old in with the new! Here it is...our new home! We are so excited to take this journey as new home owners.I can't wait to make each and every room reflect us. I want to repaint each room and take down all the ugly wall paper down. Since we moved from a furnished apartment we don't any furniture except a bed. Slowly but surely we will furnish our home and make it our own. I look forward to making this house a home and creating many wonderful memories together here.

Our Living Room 
                                                                          Dining Area
                                                                                 Sun Room
                                                                          More Sun Room
                                                                       Back Yard
                                                                           Swing Set
The Den
                                                             Half Bath Downstairs
Laundry Room (The Washer and Dryer Are Coming Friday) 
                                                                                   Guest Room
                                                                          Future Baby Room
                                                                    Another Future Baby Room
                                                              Entry Way From Second Floor
                                                                         Upstairs Hallway
                                                                 Upstairs Guest Bath
                                                           Master Bedroom 
                                                                            My Closet
                                                                    Eric's Closet
                                                                            Master Bath
                                                                       My Jet Tub!!