Monday, February 28, 2011

Family Date Night

Family date night at the Rib Room! Every once in a while it is nice to get together as a family without the kids.  The kids are wonderful but sometimes we don’t have a chance to have adult talk and catch up with each other when the kids are running around.  The food at the Rib Room was delicious and the company was fantastic.    After dinner the family came over to our house and watched basketball and had after dinner cocktails.  A huge thanks to our parents for treating us all to a wonderful dinner!


  1. Very nice family and couple photos!!! Did you take them? I'm just asking because you were in a couple of them so I wasn't sure. Enjoyed seeing you two last weekend! I finally figured out how to get your blog back up on my bookmarks so I am a happy camper.

  2. Yes, I took all of them that I am not in. The ones I am in Doug took. It was also great seeing you!