Monday, March 28, 2011

Liv & Max

Our house only has two extra closets other than the bedroom closets.   One of them is not very practical since the ceiling is about two and half feet tall and extends under the staircase.  What I see as unpractical my niece Alivia saw as a fun hang out.  That is the joy about listening and learning from kids.  This lesson taught me to embrace the innocence of a child and listen to their optimistic   views on life. 


The house is coming along slowly....I mean very slowly.  The latest project was the office.  When we went to visit Cullan and Amber they gifted us with a car full of office furniture and home decorations.  The car was so full that for 324 miles Eric had to hold a shelf on his lap and had my bag on his feet.    324 miles into the 508 mile trip we stop in Indy and picked up Max and another bag.  So for the last 2 hours of the trip Eric had two bags, a shelf, and dog on his lap.  What trooper of a husband I have.   I would like to report that once Eric saw the office painted and put together he said, “Being cramped for 7 hours was worth it”.   I am in love with my office…it is so my style! Thankful we have great friends and family that are always thinking of us! I was joking with Amber before we left and told her I was going to put up a plaque that said, “This office is sponsored by Amber & Cullan”.  Not only did Cullan and Amber help make our office look great but my best friend Kristi painted it on Saturday! So a huge thanks to Cullan, Amber, and Kristi. 
              This Is A Full Car

 Not An Inch To Spare
 The Office Before
This Chair Was The Inspiration For The Blue Walls

 The Fabric Up Close
 The Desk...Later We Will Put Things On The Walls
 The Futon
Max Thinks This Is His New Bed

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Meet Gill

This weekend Gill joined our family.  Eric and I both work at home a lot so Gill can keep us company in the office.  Max is a little jealous but I keep telling him he is still loved by Mommy and Daddy!

Baby Strobel Shower

A couple weeks ago we had a baby shower for Mary & Baby Strobel. The theme was forest friends since that is the bedding Ron and Mary have chosen for the baby room. Mary's friend made her an adorable owl cake that was delicious to boot! Mary's Mom Martha was the event coordinator and Aunt Christen & Aunt Heidi were the assistants! The shower was a success I think baby Strobel got a lot of great loot! Now it is just a waiting game until we get to meet the newest Strobel. Ron and Mary have decided to not find out the sex so that adds a little extra suspense to the excitement.

Friday, March 25, 2011

6 Years & Counting

Where did the time go?  6 years ago Eric and I went on our first date.  It is hard to believe that 6 years have come and gone.  It all started when I was planning my sister Jennifer’s 20th birthday party.  I had all the plans set, except for the all important college keg.  I called my good friend Mr. Matt Lawson who was already 21 and begged him to provide alcohol for 50 minors (he agreed with little persuasion).  He only had one condition, he was going to bring two friends from Fort Wayne to the party (I hesitantly agreed) little did I know I would meet my husband that night.  It was party night and we were all ready to celebrate Jennifer’s birthday except for Matt’s two friends Eric and Jon who let us know they thought we were lame.  As the night went on Eric and Jon started to get on my nerves so I let them have a piece of my mind (hard to believe that I would speak my mind “RIGHT”).  After the party I forgot all about Eric and Jon, but I guess Eric did not forget me and my foul mouth.  A few weeks later I got a phone call in the middle of the night from Eric professing his love for me.  I could hardly remember who he was so I laughed the phone call off.  A few weeks later I got another phone call from Eric at a more practical time and this phone call started with an apology.  I knew I needed to give this guy a shot, he just didn’t give up and I like anyone that apologizes to me when I was the one that was rude to them. So needless to say March 24th 2005 we had our first official date and the rest is history.    

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Last weekend Eric and I headed to Nashville to spend some time with the Couleas
family. Amber and Cullan invited us down for a relaxing fun weekend. Friday evening Amber cooked a delicious meal and we watched basketball and played with little Cash. Saturday Amber and Cullan graciously loaded our car full of furniture and home goods! When I say full I am mean full. In my Kia Serento we fit a futon, desk, 2 chairs, 3 lamps, 3 shadow boxes, king size bed skirt, 6 pillows, and 3 storage boxes! Since Amber and Cullan are expecting their second child in June they are making room for baby. We are so thankful for their generosity our office looks great due to Amber’s great taste! Saturday after the car was loaded we headed to downtown Nashville. We started our trip on music row and then headed to Vanderbilt University. We then headed to where the action was. I could not believe all the bars, record stores, local talent, and history on one street! Needless to say we had a great time in Nashville. Even though we had a great time in Nashville and are thankful for the furniture the best part of the weekend was spending time with little Cash! Cash stole my heart within minutes. He is a ball of energy and has a mind all of his own. Within an hour of being there he was warmed up to us and was ready to play! He was excited to show us all his toys and tricks. So a huge thank you to Amber and Cullan for such great memories!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Layla is 3

My little Layla is 3.  Wow I can’t believe that 3 years ago I became an Aunt for the 4th time and a God Mother for the 1st time.  I am so blessed to be able to say that I saw Layla take her first breathe.  My sister Brandy wanted me to experience Layla’s birth.  Watching Layla enter this world was an amazing experience.  Not only was I blessed to watch Layla’s birth but I am blessed to be a part of her life.  Layla has a spunky personality with a loving heart!  I can’t wait to see what great things Layla does in her life and I will be right there cheering her on all the way!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Trace is One

Trace is 1! I can't believe it! It seems like just yesterday Tiffany told me she was expecting! Tiffany and Dwight are now expecting number 2 in October!  I feel blessed to have such wonderful friends that include me in their children's lives!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Snow Bowling

First I have to admit, I did not think of this idea myself.  Every year Eric and I build a snowman but this year we put a twist on our snow day.  We made a faux snow bowling alley! After scalping the bowling alley we used a little food color to add a little pizzazz!