Thursday, March 24, 2011


Last weekend Eric and I headed to Nashville to spend some time with the Couleas
family. Amber and Cullan invited us down for a relaxing fun weekend. Friday evening Amber cooked a delicious meal and we watched basketball and played with little Cash. Saturday Amber and Cullan graciously loaded our car full of furniture and home goods! When I say full I am mean full. In my Kia Serento we fit a futon, desk, 2 chairs, 3 lamps, 3 shadow boxes, king size bed skirt, 6 pillows, and 3 storage boxes! Since Amber and Cullan are expecting their second child in June they are making room for baby. We are so thankful for their generosity our office looks great due to Amber’s great taste! Saturday after the car was loaded we headed to downtown Nashville. We started our trip on music row and then headed to Vanderbilt University. We then headed to where the action was. I could not believe all the bars, record stores, local talent, and history on one street! Needless to say we had a great time in Nashville. Even though we had a great time in Nashville and are thankful for the furniture the best part of the weekend was spending time with little Cash! Cash stole my heart within minutes. He is a ball of energy and has a mind all of his own. Within an hour of being there he was warmed up to us and was ready to play! He was excited to show us all his toys and tricks. So a huge thank you to Amber and Cullan for such great memories!


  1. Good pics Heidi! We had so much fun. Cash is still asking "Where's Heidi and Eric?"! You take such great pictures too!

    Love, the Couleas'