Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year's Eve

Today on New Year's Eve I am sure many people are contemplating New Year's Resolutions. I am not an exception, I am also contemplating resolutions. Tomorrow many people will try to turn over a new leaf in life as will I. I hope to turn some of my short comings into positives attributes in my life. I have made 4 vows that I am going to try to work on this coming year. I may succeed or I may fail. Either way I will not let a whole calendar year pass before I work on my vows again. Every day is a new start.
I Want to be a Better Wife
I Want to have Perfect Church Attendance
I Want to be Healthier
I Want to Let Go and Let God

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Slumber Party

Liam and Layla's Slumber Party with Uncle Eric and Aunt Heidi

Layla and Liam with Uncle Eric by our Camp Fire

Layla and Liam with Aunt Heidi
Being an Aunt is a true joy in my life. Layla age 1 and Liam age 3 kept me very busy all night long. They kept track of my every move and questioned everything I did. They followed me every where I went including the restroom. They loved jumping on the air mattresses.

Liam enjoying a late night booger snack and Layla being sweet!
Liam even sang camp fire songs for everyone!!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Family Visit

Uncle George and Aunt Peggy Came to Visit the Strobel's
We all had a great visit together. I enjoyed all the stories from the good ole' days. Aunt Peggy told me a story about how 45 years ago in New York City she would walk to the corner market and leave Cousin Kelly outside in her buggy. I was flabbergasted by this story, I could never imagine leaving a baby outside a store in a buggy. I love the stories about how life use to be. Well... I may never be able to walk to the corner store and leave a baby in their buggy, but I am so appreciative that we have Aunt Peggy and Uncle George to tell stories of how life use to be in the good ole' days.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Game Night

The Strobel's decided to have game night. We were optimistic about playing A Christmas Story together as a family.....then we opened the game and it had 4 pages of rules. Needless to say game night did go so well.

Merry Strobel Christmas

Eric and Ron with their Cubs Calendars
Eric and I Made Christmas Breakfast for Everyone

Mary in her new Hat and Scarf

Me in my new Hat and Scarf

The Strobel Family @ Church on Christmas Eve
Ron, Mary, Dan, Nancy, Eric, & Me

The Strobel Christmas Tree after Santa Came

Merry Christmas to everyone!!
Today as we take the time to remember our Saviors birth we rejoice and give thanks for the new life he gave us.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

3 Ring Puppy Circus

Grandma Strobel with her Little Elf, Santa, & Mrs. Claus

This year we are celebrating Christmas with Eric's family in Indianapolis. The whole Strobel crew is here at Dan and Nancy's condo including our dogs. Max is enjoying playing with his cousin Hiccup and his Aunt Birdie. Poor Aunt Birdie does not know how to handle these young pups trying to play with her, she is use to a more relaxed lifestyle.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas Eve

This morning Max was sitting on his throne in our living room under our Card Christmas Tree. Max likes to sit on the floor pillows in the living room so that when someone outside walks by he can let them know who's the boss. Since Eric and I don't own a Christmas tree we decided to hang our Christmas cards on the wall. We call the cards our "Card Christmas Tree". We feel so loved that so many people thought of us and took the time to send a Christmas card.
Thank You to Everyone! May God Bless You and Your Family!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Eric, Me, Kristi, and Adam
Tincaps Game on Manchester College Night

Adam, Kristi, Me, and Eric
We were all dressed up for our Murder Mystery Party

Last night we had our Christmas celebration with the Brouwers. Over the last 3 years Eric and I have developed a lifelong friendship with the Brouwers. Eric and Adam's Friendship started over 25 years ago in Faith Lutheran Church in Fort Wayne. Eric's Father Dan was the pastor at Faith and Adam's family attended there. Over time Adam and Eric bonded and created a friendship. Kristi and I have heard all of their crazy stories about their childhood and all the wonderful things they experienced together. As the years went by Adam and Eric lost touch, but fate brought them back together. About 3 years ago Adam and Kristi bought a house 2 blocks from Eric and me. Their friendship reunited quickly, but now they had both had finances. Kristi and I hit it off right away. We are the best of friends. I truly believe that God has a plan for all of us, and I think this was in Gods plans. Over the 3 last years we have formed such a close Christian friendship. We attend church together, eat dinner together at least once a week sometimes more. Eric and I are so thankful for wonderful friends in our lives.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Sparks Christmas 2009

During the Sparks family Christmas my nieces and nephew reminded me how important family really is. The kids truly enjoy being with each other and dearly love each other. Children are a gift from God and sometimes they can remind us of important life lessons. This holiday season my nieces and nephew taught me to stop and live life and to appreciate the small joys of life.

Eric, Max and I

This year the Sparks Family Christmas was held in Indianapolis because my oldest sister Brandy was still recovering from surgery. We enjoyed a fun filled day of Christmas music, food, games, gifts, and fellowship. Eric and I enjoyed watching the kids open their gifts and play together. I just can't resist buying the kids matching outfits. I am sure in a couple years they will not be so thrilled to match so I might as well do it while I can.

From Left to Right
Liam 3, Kinsey 4, Layla 1, Alivia 6, and Addison 1

The Sparks family is growing by leaps and bounds. We went from a family of 7 to a family of 16 within the last 7 years. We enjoying having such a large family. There is never a dual moment. Poor little Liam is wishing for a larger family that includes more boys. At all our family get togethers he gets stuck playing baby dolls and dress up with the girls. He is always a good sport about it, but he is wishing for an addition of a boy to play sports and trucks with.

Hansel and Gretel

The Finished ProductI Love Craft Projects

Just Getting Started

This was my second time making a gingerbread house. Last year did not go so well, I had issues with the construction of the house. This year went much smoother. I took the gingerbread house to the Sparks family Christmas this last Saturday. The kids really enjoyed my creation.

Getting Started

Eric, Max, and I on Thanksgiving

I have been inspired by my cousin Allison, to create my own blog. I enjoy reading Allison's blog so much that I have decided to take this adventure on myself!! Allison and I are separated with many miles between us, but her blog helps me feel connected to her family. I hope that my blog will help you feel connected to our lives and give me a creative outlet!