Friday, May 9, 2014

23 Months

This month your language has exploded.  You started speech therapy with about 25 words and now you are up to 50 words.  You understand 90% of what we say but only listen or should I say, comply with 50% of it! You have an opinion of your own and you like to let me know.  You are full of personality and I hope that serves you well in life.  I hope no one ever breaks your sprit and that you use your spirt to help others and share the word of Lord.

Size: You are wearing18 month clothes. I think you will be wearing 24 months within a month. You are still wearing size 3 diapers but we will be moving to size 4 very soon.  You seem so big!

Eating: You continue to give me a run for money when it comes to vegetables. Your favorite foods are blueberries, cereal, mac and cheese, chicken nuggets and fruit snacks.  You would eat fruit snacks all day if I would let you.   

Sleep Schedule: Most nights you sleep 12 hours.  You still sleep with a pacifier, Bunny and Lovey.

Likes:  Paci, Bunny and Lovey are at the top of your like list.  Now that the weather has been nicer you like to go outside for walks, feed the ducks and go down our slide.

Dislikes:   I know for sure you don't like being told "No"!

Events:  This month we headed to Wisconsin for a long weekend to celebrate Ben's 3rd birthday.  We spent the weekend at the Great Wolfe Lodge. You enjoyed the waterpark especially the slides.   Daddy and I enjoyed watching you have fun! This month we also celebrated Easter.  You enjoyed all the eggs hunts and Easter gifts. He has Risen, He has Risen, He has Risen Indeed!

Monday, April 21, 2014

22 Months

This month you had an independence explosion. I want to foster your independence but that means you are growing up (which is hard for mama).  You are turning into a big girl right before my eyes! This month daddy and I decided that you did not need to walk around with your pacifier all the time anymore. You had other had hidden pacifiers all around the house.  One by one we collected your stash.  You still have your paci for nap and bed but other than that you have adjusted pretty well to the change. I feel blessed to watch you grow into a little lady. Love you to pieces!

Size: You are wearing18 month clothes. I think you will be wearing 24 months within a month. You are still wearing size 3 diapers but we will be moving to size 4 very soon.  You are a growing girl!

Eating: You are a pretty picky eater.  We continue to try and give you healthy options but that does not mean you eat them.

Sleep Schedule: Most nights you sleep 12 hours. You like to sleep in your own bed.  You don't sleep well when we go other places.

Likes:  Paci and Lovey are at the top of your like list.  You also love water; swimming, taking a bath, playing in the sink.  You are our little water baby. You and Max are pretty close!

Dislikes:   Sometimes I think you dislike listening to mommy ;)

Events:  This month was packed with fun.  We started the month off by playing outside in the snow! The snow this winter has been relentless. You enjoyed daddy pulling you around in your sled and playing in bowls of snow inside! This month we also headed to Disney on Ice! Mommy dressed you up in a Belle costume.  You were super cute and loved all the music and skating.  You continue to enjoy swimming, music and gymnastics class! Your school (Aldersgate Academy) had family night.  Daddy and I enjoyed seeing all your art work and seeing you interact with your teachers and friends.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

21 Months

Ready or not 2 is just around the corner. You continue to amaze us! You are such a smarty pants! You are now saying over 30 words and adding more daily. I love to hear your little voice say, mama!

Size: You are wearing18 month clothes. You are still wearing size 3 diapers. You are just a little nugget!

Eating: You have decided to take your pickiness to a new level. I have to try super hard to get you to eat vegetables or meat.  You love your fruit and breads though.

Sleep Schedule: I can finally say you are sleeping through the night! Most nights you sleep 12 hours.

Likes: The world is so love to explore everything.  Your Lovey puppy and paci are very important right now.  You want to take Lovey everywhere and you never let your paci get far from your mouth. 

Dislikes:   Everyday is a new adventure.  I never know if you are going to love to something or hate something.  There is never a dull moment with you. 

Events:  This month you started gymnastics! The first class you struggled but now you have got the hang of things and you love it. You are a busy little lady now days! You are now going to music class, swimming lessons and gymnastics! This month daddy had an extra day off work so we had a family fun day.  We went to Build-A-Bear, out to lunch, shopping and finished the day off with ice cream.  I love you to the moon and back! I feel blessed that God chose me to be your mommy!


Saturday, February 22, 2014

20 Months

 I am surprised how fast every month goes by.  I feel like you were born yesterday and before I know it you will be 2. You continue to grow, develop and amaze Daddy and I.  You bring us so much joy.  Every new word, development and experience are joyous to watch.  You are becoming more independent as the days go on.  I hope your independence serve you well in life. 

Size: You are wearing18 month clothes. You are still wearing size 3 diapers.

Eating: You are a good eater at least if I give you something you like. 

Sleep Schedule: You are sleeping better.  I would say 90% of the time
you sleep through the night. You still get up super early but at least you are sleeping through the night (most of the time).

Likes: You are really starting to love books! It is so cute when you want us to read to you. You go get a book and insist you sit on our lap and only you can turn the pages.  Your love for music continues to grow.  Your favorite songs right now are "The Wheels On The Bus, If You Are Happy And You Know It and Itsy Bitsy Spider".

Dislikes:   Well you are almost 2 so your dislike list is pretty long :)

Events:  This month we rang in the New Year, we celebrated Walker's 2nd birthday and we had several play dates! You continue with swimming lessons and music started again this month.  I think you are a little star in swimming and music (but I am a little bias).  In swimming you go under water, you kick your feet and you are almost able to climb up on the wall all by yourself.  In music you know the moves to several song, you are the leader at drum time and you are very social. 

                                                Taking her pictures now is an adventure!!!

Monday, January 20, 2014

19 Months

Wow, what a fun month packed with experiences, memories and traditions!   We spent the holiday season focused on the Lord.  Every Sunday you lit the Advent candle at church (with mommy's help). Speaking of are so funny at church.  You walk around and greet everyone, you think you own the place.  You are affectionately known as the church baby.  For the last several months, when I tell you it is time to pray "you will fold your hands and start saying, "Amen" over and over" (it is pretty cute).  I look forward to watching you grown in your faith and build an unbreakable faith in the Lord.

Size: You are wearing12-18 month clothes. You are still wearing size 3 diapers. You finally broke the 20 pound mark! You may be small but you are mighty!

Eating: You love your food...except vegetables. For the life of me I can not get you to eat vegetables (unless I trick you and most of the time you still catch me). You are only nursing 1 or 2 times a day at most.  I am letting you decide how our breastfeeding relationship goes. 

Sleep Schedule: Sleep schedule...the only schedule we have is you go to bed around 7:00-7:30pm but you often wake up several times a night and always early in the morning.  I just always remind myself that you will only be little for a while so I need to appreciate all the extra cuddle time.

Likes: You have lots of likes; music, dancing, playing with Max, Bunny, Lovey, Barney, going outside, arts and crafts, taking baths, playing with your cousins and swimming!

Dislikes:   You are finally starting to do better in the car. Currently getting your diaper changed is not a top priority.  You fight me the whole don't have time to lay still for 2 minutes.  You are a typical 19 month old and you dislike anything that is not your idea!

Events:  This month we celebrated the birth of Jesus our savior.  While we did enjoy several traditional holiday experiences we tried to stay focused on Jesus.  One of your favorite activities was watching the train go around the bottom of the tree.  You would often accidently knock the train off the tracks and try to fix it yourself (it was pretty cute)! You liked the train but you never really messed with the tree (which was nice).  On Christmas you were really excited about your kitchen but not opening presents.  Once we opened the gift you were excited.  Christmas was so much fun and I look forward to celebrating many more holidays as a family.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Hello 2014

We started 2013 with a new word in our vocabulary...Microcephaly. At first we were devastated but with more knowledge we were able to move forward with a more positive attitude.  We now understand that it is possible to lead a typical life with Microcephaly.  Piper's therapist and doctors continue to be amazed with her development.  In November we were  hit with another bump in the road but we are staying positive and relying on God & Riley to help us understand more about our sweet little Piper. We are blessed that overall Piper is in excellent health and continues to develop at a steady rate.  Microcephaly is just a diagnosis and we won't let it define Piper or hold her back.  She is still expected to participate in life and we have high expectations for her future.
We tried to make the most of winter. Piper continued with Kindermusik.  It is such a treat to watch her love for music develop. We also took Piper outside several times to enjoy the snow. It was fun to watch Piper explore the snow but I was not sad to see it go. We were all ready for spring!

This year was full of first! Every first was special but Piper's first birthday was extra special. I had so much fun planning her party. We had a huge purple party complete with face painters, balloon artist and a moon bounce! It was so great for so many to gather and celebrate her first year of life.  It was a time for us to reflect on what a blessing Piper is.
We had lots of family fun this summer.  We visited several local parks and splash pads. We bought a family membership to the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo.  We went to the Zoo at least one a week. Piper loved all the animals and we enjoyed getting a little excise and watching Piper's delight! This summer Piper also started swimming lessons.  She loves the water.  She is a natural in the pool. I might be a little bias but I think she is a shining star in her class!

In early September we moved Piper from home daycare to a preschool. We found the perfect preschool right down the road. The Academy is a preschool for children 12 months - 5 years. Piper started walking at 15 months  (with much determination) and started school a week later.  She loves her teachers and classmates.  When I say that Piper goes to preschool many people smile and chuckle, "how cute they call "daycare" school".  No, it is really school.  They have a scheduled curriculum they follow complete with arts, crafts, fine and gross motor activities, dance, music ,circle time, sensory activities and of course lots of free time play. The Academy has invited us to back to school night, parent teacher conferences and Piper had school pictures taken! She is growing up so fast right before our eyes!
At the end of September we celebrated National Microcephaly Awareness Day. Obviously, Microcephaly is near and dear to our hearts.  We are so blessed that Piper only has a few minor issues from Microcephaly but 90% of children with the diagnosis have serve delays and other health issues. Even though everyday we count our blessings, we have now met many people less fortunate. Please continue to pray for Piper and all her Micro friends that have many more struggles than she does.

The holidays were extra special and exciting this year.  Watching the joy in your child's eyes as they are experiencing something new is magical.  This year we hosted the Strobel's for Thanksgiving Day.  It was exciting and nerve racking all at the same time.  I had never cooked a turkey and boy was that an experience.  Let's just say watching me take the innards out of the turkey could have been skit on Saturday Night Live (I was petrified)! After Thanksgiving we started to focus on the birth of our Savior.  Another one of the joys of the holidays has been watching Piper interact with her cousins.  She adores them and mocks everything they do. 

This year Eric took his love for running to a new level by entering local races. Eric celebrated 6 years at Lorillard.  Eric loves his job and has hopes that a management position is not far off. With Lorillard being such a great company Eric is ready for the challenge and I am supportive of him advancing his career. Eric turned the BIG 30 this year.  He was totally surprised by a party with 22 of our closest friends. Eric continues his passion for all sports and is now trying to teach Piper all about sports. They spend many Saturday morning playing hockey on the kitchen floor. 

I continue seeking a balance between God, my career and my family. It continues to be a juggling act in constant motion.  I continue working at the Drug and Alcohol Consortium.  After three and half years the grant I am working under is starting to wind down and will not be renewed in October.  I have mixed emotions about finding a new job but look forward to new opportunities.  I am a gypsy at heart so this will be a fun new adventure.
I can't forget little Max.  Max continues to live the good life of eating, sleeping and getting pampered. Max is now 6 years old and is as hyper as ever.  Max and Piper continue to have a love hate relationship.  He loves to play with her but hates to share his parents, toys and space with his sister.
 We started the year feeling blessed and are ending our year feeling blessed.  God is the one thing in our life that will never change.  We seek him daily to be with us in our joys and our sorrows. 

May you have a blessed 2014!