Friday, May 9, 2014

23 Months

This month your language has exploded.  You started speech therapy with about 25 words and now you are up to 50 words.  You understand 90% of what we say but only listen or should I say, comply with 50% of it! You have an opinion of your own and you like to let me know.  You are full of personality and I hope that serves you well in life.  I hope no one ever breaks your sprit and that you use your spirt to help others and share the word of Lord.

Size: You are wearing18 month clothes. I think you will be wearing 24 months within a month. You are still wearing size 3 diapers but we will be moving to size 4 very soon.  You seem so big!

Eating: You continue to give me a run for money when it comes to vegetables. Your favorite foods are blueberries, cereal, mac and cheese, chicken nuggets and fruit snacks.  You would eat fruit snacks all day if I would let you.   

Sleep Schedule: Most nights you sleep 12 hours.  You still sleep with a pacifier, Bunny and Lovey.

Likes:  Paci, Bunny and Lovey are at the top of your like list.  Now that the weather has been nicer you like to go outside for walks, feed the ducks and go down our slide.

Dislikes:   I know for sure you don't like being told "No"!

Events:  This month we headed to Wisconsin for a long weekend to celebrate Ben's 3rd birthday.  We spent the weekend at the Great Wolfe Lodge. You enjoyed the waterpark especially the slides.   Daddy and I enjoyed watching you have fun! This month we also celebrated Easter.  You enjoyed all the eggs hunts and Easter gifts. He has Risen, He has Risen, He has Risen Indeed!

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