Saturday, August 27, 2011

Harkless Photoshoot

Meet Ryan and Jessica…do you want to know to how we met?  The short version is we met at church but the long version is much more comical! When Eric and I first started going to Trinity in Huntington the welcome committee tried to welcome us with open arms but we were a little shy about joining in church activities.  So the head of the welcome committee went to Jessica and asked her write us a letter since we were close in age.  Jessica agreed but was not happy about it…so a couple days later I received this thoughtful but cheesy (sorry Jess) note in the mail.  Eric and I both laughed and thought WOW they are not going to give up.  Then the next day I got a call from my friend Jenny who also goes to Trinity.  Jenny was calling on the behalf of Jessica to tell me that Jessica felt so silly about the note and wanted me to know that the welcome committee made her send us the note.  The next Sunday at church Jessica and I made eye contact after the service and we both started laughing.  Soon after we joined a Bible study together and found out that we have tons in common.  Needless to say we still discuss or should I say laugh about the note. 
Here are a couple pictures I snapped today at a local bridge.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Ben's Baptism

The second weekend of August Eric and I headed up to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan for Benjamin’s Baptism.   After work on Thursday we headed out at 5:00 pm and by 9:00 pm we started indulging in energy drinks.  650 miles later we arrived at Ron and Mary’s door step at 4:45 am Friday morning. It is crazy to think that we drove 12 hours and only went to Michigan.   We headed straight to bed and slept for about 4 hours.  Friday we hung out with the Strobel family and got lots of time in with Ben!  Friday afternoon Eric and his parents went for an adventure in the U.P. they visited Finlandia University, Lake Superior, and a local State Park.  While Eric and his parents were out Mary, Martha, and I headed over to the church and started prepping for the open house.  Mary and her Mother Martha defiantly have a knack for party planning.  I learned so many great tips while helping with the food prep (I will always score my cucumbers from now on)!  Friday evening we all enjoyed a traditional German meal together (pork, sauerkraut, and vinegar potato salad) and enjoyed watching all Ben’s smiles!  Saturday was the open house! Everyone gathered at Ron’s church to celebrate Ben’s Baptism.    There was tons of great company and food to enjoy! Sunday was the big day.  We all headed to church to hear Ron preach and watch Dan Baptize Ben.  Ben was a little Ham the whole time he was giggling and smiling right on mark.  After the Baptism Eric and I headed back home and 11 hours later we arrived back at our front door.  What a whirlwind weekend but it was all worth it to see Ben get Baptized!

Monday, August 8, 2011


This is my 250 post! Umm…..what should I write about? I decided to explain why I write this blog.  I write this blog for myself.  I hope others enjoy reading it but if they don’t no loss to me.  As many of you know I had a less than desirable childhood, but life goes on.  One thing I often have a hard time accepting is the lack of memories and photos I have from my childhood.  I don’t have anyone to tell me what my first word was, at what age did I take my first step, or where I went to preschool at.  Many people might take those little bits of information or a photo of themselves with pudding all over their face for granted, but I wish I just had just a couple of either.  So now I like to journal my life experiences whether it be my hobbies of photography, cooking or an experience with friends and family.    I don’t want to loss anymore memories.  This blog will forever be my electronic photo album of my life.  I also think that someday my future children will enjoy looking at my life before I had children and how I grew and changed over the years.  I love blogging it helps me relax and something I look forward to!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Go Tincaps

A couple weekends ago we headed downtown Fort Wayne for a little tailgating and minor league baseball.  We had a blast with everyone! The Tincaps pulled off a win at the last minute! All the husbands enjoyed the game and all the wives enjoyed talking!