Thursday, May 27, 2010

Day 3

Today Eric and I started the day off in the pool. The pool here at the resort is the size of a small lake. We enjoyed floating around and playing pool games. After a day at the pool we headed to dinner at the Italian restaurant lll' Olive. Dinner was fabulous. After dinner we went to the nightly show which featured a Michael Jackson concert. The dancers and an actor were great you can tell they studied Michael Jackson for hours. After the show we headed to the plaza to hang out and have some cocktails. Later we decided to have a midnight snack at Ginger the Japanese restaurant. That is the joy of an all inclusive all the drink and food you want!!
Eric and Me
Our Little Friend
Daily Towel Art

Michael Jackson

This man paints with his fingers only. Amazing!!
Finished Result
Brijal and Manoj
Eric and Me
Too Many Cocktails

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