Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Trace has Arrived

My Favorite Picture I took of new baby Trace

Ten years ago when I started high school I met a group of girls. Our friendship blossomed and we spent most of our high school days together. All of us girls were in FFA and 4-H together. We created so many great memories. We are still friends today and continue to create more wonderful memories together. One week ago today Tiffany gave birth to Trace, so Heather and I packed up and headed south to visit. So now two girls in the group have babies!! Heather has an 18months old Braden and now Tiffany has Trace. Our friendship has continued to grow through all the stages of life. Each new stage of life we enter, we enter together as friends. It is so nice that I have a group friends that I can count on through thick and thin, and believe me we have been through the thick. 3 years ago we lost our best friend Janell. There is not a day that goes by that we don't think of her and miss her. Even this last weekend when we went to visit Trace we knew if she was still here on earth she would have been right there beside us. Janell may not be with us physically but we know she is here with us spiritually. I always think of her as Braden and Trace's guardian angel. Friends are truly a gift from God.

Tiff's Mom Sherry with all Grand kids

Proud new Parents

Me holding Trace

Heather holding Trace

Girl Talk Time

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