Saturday, March 13, 2010


Eric and I spent the day shopping with Nancy (Eric's Mom). We had a blast we left the house around 10:00 am and returned around 6:00 pm. We shopped until we dropped literally. We bought clothes, shoes, Easter gifts for the nieces and nephew, and a couple small things for Maxy! I love shopping in Indianapolis there are so many more store to choose from!

Great Savings Tips on Shoes for Women
If you wear a size 8 or under in women's shoes you can buy kids shoes for half the price. Today at finish line I picked out a pair of Puma's. I found a clerk and asked him for a size 8, he returned with back news (sorry no size 8's). As I was walking to the checkout lane to buy Eric's shoes, another clerk over heard my situation and the clerk explained that he had those shoes in a Kids size 7. The clerk explain that a kids 7 = women's 6 = women's 7 and so on. So for all you women that wear women's size 8 or under look at the kids shoes first to save a couple bucks!!

Look kids size 7 and I usually wear a women's size 8.

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