Monday, July 25, 2011


A couple months ago someone from the federal government thought it would be a good idea for my co-workers and I to learn more about the military since the military is now one of our target populations.  We were all invited to spend the weekend at Camp Atterbury  to experience the barracks, chow hall, and morning PT.  Sadly (not really) I could not attend, I already had other obligations.   One of my co-workers is in the National Guard so he gave me a MRE (meal ready to eat) so that I did not feel left out.  So I gave it my best shot and started cooking!  

                                                                      Vegetable Crackers
                                                              Cheese Spread with Jalapenos
                                                                          Toffee Cookies
                                                                          Pop Tart
                                                                         Orange Drink
                                                                           Beef Stick
This is the pouch that you cook the food in
                                                                 All the condiments
                                                                       Now that is mini
                         Look at all those packages..tell me how this works in the middle of the desert?
                     This is the ravioli heating up in the pouch, in the directions it says to prop the pouch on a rock for 15-20 or until completely heated.  Since I did not  have a rock I used my dish stopper.
                      It is hard to see but that is steam coming from the pouch all I did was add 2 inches of  water and the water activates heat to warm the food
                            The water was boiling so you can make your coffee in the pouch also
 Even though I made it I did not eat it...sorry to say but the Government meal does not look appetizing
Thanks so all the men and women that serve our country so we can have the freedom to not MRE's

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