Monday, July 4, 2011

Brown Thumb

At the beginning of the summer Eric and I went to the Plant Center for a little landscaping help.  We walked away with a car full of plants and a little confidence.   When we got home we planted everything and watered daily.  We were so proud of our little landscaping job.  Everything looked good for a couple days and then it started to brown so I got the bright idea that we should fertilize everything so it would grow more.  The fertilizer had the opposite effect, within 2 days everything started to die.  I was so upset with myself.  I tried for 2 weeks to bring the plants back to life.  My neighbor then told me that most of the plants we planted needed more shade.  Eric and I trusted the staff at the Plant Center; we did not even question them.  So between the sun and the fertilizer the plants were burnt to a crisp!  One afternoon when I came home I found several plants on our porch.  Our sweet neighbor felt so bad for us she bought us a couple new plants! Finally Eric made me face reality that everything was dead.  So this morning we headed to Lowes and Menards to find some inexpensive replacement plants to add to what our neighbor had bought us.   Hopefully I will have better luck with these plants. 
This was out first attempt at landscaping 6 weeks ago

Here is what it looked like after to much sun and fertilizer
                                                                 Gifts from our sweet neighbor

                                                       Max wanted to help Mommy and Daddy
                                                                   My new pot Eric bought me

                                   The new landscaping hopefully it makes it through the summer

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