Sunday, October 31, 2010

Party Time

Who said you had to be a kid to dress up for Halloween.  This year my parents brought back the annual Sparks Halloween party.  The invitations were sent, the costumes were bought, the food was prepared, the drinks were made, and the characters arrived and the fun started! 

Meet the Flintstones (Eric, Me, Brandy, Doug)
Cave People (Mike & Annette)
                                                                           Gangster and Flapper (Doug & Chris)
                                                                  White Trash (Drew & Jennifer)
                                                           70's Bowler & Ring Master (Dad & Mom)
                                                                 Saint Sation and Tracy Porter (Kristi & Adam)
                                                               Red Riding Hood & The Wolf (Jessica & Ryan)
                                                         Archy Girls (Shannon & Ginger)
                                                       Bottle of Miller Lite and Bob Ross (Lisa & Dathen)
                                                                    Bob Ross Painting  (Dathen)
                                                          Mother Nature & Elvis (Emmy &Alex)

1 comment:

  1. Such great costumes!! Hilarious!! Bob's cracked me up!!! I can see a fun time was had by all!