Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Happy 50th

Mom’s surprise party went off without a hitch. It all started with Dad he had the task of keeping Mom busy for the whole day.  My siblings and I had the task of cleaning up and setting up.  We all completed our task without flaw.  Dad pulled in the drive way right on time! Us kids were standing in the drive way waving and the car were all hidden.  Mom was so busy reading the mail she did not even notice us until the car was parked.  When she got out of the car she was so surprised to see her kids there.  Then we opened the garage door and everyone else yelled surprise! Mom could not believe we pulled it off! It was a total surprise.  Anyone that knows our Mom knows that she loves to entertain so she was so pleased that her kids threw such a great party she loved the  food, decorations, and planning! She taught us well as party planners and host! We love you Mom!

                                                                            Mom's Cake
                                                                           Center Pieces
                                                                       Fifty and Fabulous

                                                                  Drew & His Mom Missy
                                                         Mom, Grandma Mattie & Addison

                             My Siblings & Me Giving Our Speeches. Below I Have Shared My Speech
We are so blessed to have such a wonderful Mother. Our family is a one of a kind family with a blend of yours, mine, and ours. Even though the outside world may see us as a blended family it never felt like that within our home. We were equally loved and we were equally punished except for Dathen who is the beloved perfect child. All of us girls love to tease Dathen for being the favorite but I also like to remind Dathen and Brandy that Mom has to love them but she choose to love Jennifer and I.

Blending a family is not easy but blending a family full of teenagers is almost impossible. You and Dad took this task of making us one united family head on. After each dinner, holiday, shopping trip, family meeting, lecture, vacation and fight we became closer and closer. Until one day it was natural to be a family and love each other. You never gave up on us and the dream you had for our family. Thank you for seeing the big picture for our family. You have given us the ultimate gift of a loving bonded family.

Even though we as a family have been through some tough times but nothing compares to this last year. This last year has been quite the adventure for our family. I have always known you were a strong person but this last year your strength shined brighter than ever. I will never forget the day Dad called me and said the words Mom and Cancer in the same sentence. All the sudden my world came crashing down me. You are the back bone of our family and even though you were going through such a horrible time you were there to reassure each one of us. Thankfully God answered our prayers and healed you.

I have only had you as a Mother for 11 years. I have so much more to learn from you and so many more recipes I need to learn to make. So thank you Mom for being who you are and loving us unconditionally. Happy 50th Birthday Mom I love you more than you will ever know.

                              Grandma Mattie Brought Mom's Jewelry Box From Her Childhood
                                                                         The Clarks
                                                                My Cute Little Family
                                                              Grandma & Grandpa Sparks
                                                                       Jennifer & Lisa

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