Friday, November 8, 2013

17 Months

Oh my sweet Piper where is the time going...I feel like you turned into a big girl over night.  You are learning so much everyday.  You are walking really well now and your balance is getting better everyday.  You really want to start running (I bet by next month you will be running).  You like to climb up the stairs but you get a little nervous going down still.  You have started to dance when you hear music which is so so cute! You say 16 words now and are adding more words daily.  I love to hear your little voice.  You finally call me mama, for the last couple months you were calling me Heidi.  Hearing you say mama is music to my ears! You are turning into a daddy's girl.  It is pretty sweet to watch you be smitten with your daddy.  You already have him wrapped around your little finger and I don't see that changing anytime soon.  Don't let that daddy's girl persona fool anyone... if you are hungry, tired or hurt you want your mama. Being a mom is so much fun and being your mom is amazing!  Another fun month in the books!

Size: You are wearing mostly 12 month clothes. You have started wearing a couple 18 month things that run small. You are still wearing size 3 diapers.

Eating: This month your pickiness is at a all time high.  You won't eat hardly any vegetables and are getting pickier about meat.  You like most fruit and all carbs! I continue to try and offer you healthy choices regardless of if you choose to eat them or not.  You continue to nurse but also drink organic whole milk. 

Sleep Schedule: Sleep Schedule...what is that? No, in all honesty I should not complain.  You always go to bed at 7:00pm.  Most nights you wake up at least once.  I no longer nurse you at night.  I go into your room rub your back and give you a pacifier.  Sometimes that is all you need and other times you want to be rocked or carried around.  I know you won't be little forever so I don't mind. 

Likes: Books are at the top of your like list.  You like flipping through them and bringing us books to read.  Sometimes you stay and listen other times we read while you running around.  You love to play with Max. You enjoy petting him, giving him treats and playing ball with him.

Dislikes: Your car seat (which has never changed).  You don't like getting out of the bath tub or getting dressed.  You pretty much don't like anything that is not your idea but mommy and daddy use smooth moves to help you transition. 

Events:  We started the month off by bringing awareness to Microcephaly.  So many people showed love and support by wearing yellow for you and all your mirco friends.  This month you visited Grandma and Grandpa Strobel in Indianapolis.  We all went to the Children's Museum and enjoyed watching you explore.  Mid month you helped mommy and daddy celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary! This has been the best year of our marriage yet! We went to Back to School Night at The Academy.  It was great to talk to your teachers more in depth and watch you interact with your teachers and friends.  You are doing great in school! Halloween is just around the corner and that means lots of fun. We were invited to a Fall Party at the Maloy's.  We had so much at the party.  We decorated pumpkins, went on a pumpkin hunt and dug through hay for prizes. We also went to the Halloween at the Zoo! 


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