Saturday, May 26, 2012

Spilling Over

How can such a tiny person have so much stuff already?  I must have been naive thinking she would have a nursery and a couple things here and there.  She has a room full of stuff & a closet full of clothes.  So now we are resorting to using our guest bedroom closet for clothing overflow.  That right clothing overflow, she has more clothes than Eric and I put together.  In her defense I will say her clothes range from newborn to 3T though.  Her pack & play is in our office for napping and diaper changing.  Today Eric put her swing and bouncer in the living room.  We have turned our sun room into her playroom.  All her diapers are stacked in our guestroom. We have cleared out a cabinet in the kitchen for her feeding items.  Finally her bassinet is in our room.  Who knew such a little person would require so much space.  We have everything put away and the house prepared so now it is just a waiting game. 

Piper's Room

Clothing Overflow Closet

Diapers to the Ceiling

Her Diaper Bag all Packed and Ready for the Hospital

Her Bassinet "she will be the 4th baby to sleep in it"

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