Monday, April 2, 2012


The weeks are passing quickly and she is growing!
  In 10 weeks or less my little princess will be here!
Being pregnant is so amazing. I can't even explain the joy I feel. She is so active now, last week Eric felt her kick for the first time. The joy is sometimes overcast by the health scares. We are still facing some health concerns. My gestational diabetes is becoming more difficult to manage. Each week my placenta is becoming more insulin resistant. I continue to follow my diet with low carbs and little to no sugar. This week I was placed on medicine to help lower my sugar levels. The doctors are concerned with my pancreas functioning correctly so this week I will go in for more testing and I will be having an amino test. I am very nervous but the doctors have reassured me that this is safe and will help them understand her growth and my sugar levels better. Last week she grew 7oz in 6 days which is very concerning at only 28 weeks. Hopefully with my continued diet and the new medicine she will grow at a more appropriate rate. I am just trusting in the doctors and praying for good news.

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