Sunday, December 4, 2011

12 weeks

 I can’t believe 12 weeks has went by so quickly already!   I still go to the Dr. almost weekly and get blood drawn several times a week but now it is just part of my routine. The baby look healthy and all is well.   The baby is about the size of a lime this week.  I think it is so funny how they always compare the baby’s size to fruit!  I still have morning sickness but not as often or intense.  I started going to the Chiropractor because the little lime is pushing on my S-nerve which is causing a lot of pain.  I am enjoying every moment of this journey (even the pain).  I have bought a baby book and started filling out what I can.  Eric could not contain himself and bought a rocking chair for the baby.  I often find him in our room watching sports rocking Max “I think he is practicing for the real thing, he claims the chair is just comfy”.  We also started buying diapers.  I really wanted to use cloth diaper but since the baby will go to daycare that is not realistic to ask them to do that.   We are buying an economy box each week at Sam’s club.  Our excitement grows more as each day passes.  I want to savor the moment as we prepare for the birth of our first child!

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  1. you never know about the daycare thing... we take Paige to a church daycare and since they aren't "state mandated" they do cloth diapers for us! They weren't too thrilled at first, but they gave it a chance and now they don't mind it at all... although i imagine once she starts solids we will have to switch to disposables