Monday, November 7, 2011

90 years and counting

Last weekend we celebrated my Grandpa Sparks 90th Birthday! During the celebration we all had a chance to honor Grandpa by sharing a birthday message.  Grandpa was very touched by all the messages. 
During the party my dad and his sisters shared many great memories from our grandpa’s life.  We learned all about his interesting jobs, joke telling ability, and love for his family. 

We very rarely all have a chance to get together but when we do it is always memorable. 

My grandparents have passed the baton to the next generation.  We are responsible for keeping our family connected through family functions, cards, and phone calls.  Grandma and Grandpa set the bar pretty high, but I think the next generation of Sparks can do it!
Oh we know how to have fun!

After 90 years we wanted to Grandpa to know money does grow on trees!

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  1. Very nice posting Heidi Jo! Your postings & wonderful photos are such a valuable family treasure trove of information! Love it! Again thanks for all your help with dad's party and the CDs! Love you!