Friday, September 30, 2011


The other day I was going through pictures on my computer and I came across a picture from Jennifer’s wedding of my siblings and me.  This picture warms my heart.  13 years ago I would have never dreamed of having siblings but more importantly that my siblings would be some of my best friends.  Most people don’t even remember meeting their siblings for the first time my siblings and I on the other hand remember it like yesterday. 
I told my siblings about this post and my sister Brandy and brother Dathen added this piece of the story "how we meant"!  

I came back from college on a Friday and didn’t think anybody was home sense the vehicles were all gone but when I walked in you had a cloth in your hand scrubbing all of the counters. All you said was I am Heidi and Mom would be back soon and I just put my stuff in my room then everybody was back after that. I just thought it was strange coming in and somebody was cleaning. You seemed like a nice enough kid!

What I most remember, is the day you came to live with us full time. Mom had to work and she asked me to go get you in Bluffton at DCS. I went and I remember waiting for you to come into the lobby and you had nothing with you…one little trash bag of stuff and it was truly sad for me. I remember thinking…I can’t believe this kid has nothing and she had to live in that crappy group home for no reason.

I don’t really remember the weekend that you first came to visit but I do know that mom told me you were coming. I know that mom woke me up to meet you and to be honest…I could have cared less. I was 17 years old and we had so many foster kids come and go from our house, that I figured you wouldn’t be there long either. I remember that you had sweatpants on and you really did not have anything.

Mom took you shopping and got you a bunch of stuff at Old Navy and you were so happy!!!!! It’s funny…I didn’t realize how much you meant to me until the time you were having problems at high school freshman year and I helped you out…sisters for life. 

We did not just become best friends by chance.  We became best friends because our Mother was determined to have a well blended family.  She made it her mission for years to join us together and create memories as a family.  Our Mother created situations that would make us bond together and more importantly laugh together.  We did not bond overnight by day by day it became stronger and stronger and now our bond is unbreakable. 
So THANK YOU MOM for giving  us the gift of having lifelong best friends!

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