Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Couples Night

Saturday evening we headed to the Brouwers for a night of fun.  We started the night off  by watching the IU game and Bowen opening his Christmas gift.  Bowen held our attention with all his energy.  Within the first hour of our arrival Bowen must have ran over 2 miles.  He ran circles and back and forth giggling the whole time.  Once Bowen ran himself tired, we sat down for dinner and drinks.   After dinner we played Boxers or Briefs and Catch Phrase.   We all shared lots of funny stories and created great new memories.  I think couples night should be a monthly event! Needless to say the night was a success.

                                                                             Fajitas for Dinner
                                                                            Adam and Kristi
                                                                         Ryan and Jessica

                                                                         What a Fun Game
                                                                          The Guys in Their IU Gear

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