Sunday, August 1, 2010

Holiday World

Thursday afternoon Jenny, MaKayla, Kinsey and I headed to Southern Indiana for some much needed fun. We had a 5 hour drive to get to Jasper, Indiana. We wanted to enjoy our drive so we made a couple stops on the way. We first stopped and had lunch at Wendy's. Wendy's is Kinsey's favorite. After lunch we drove down the road for a little shopping. Then back on the road. We kept the girls busy with movies, cd's, and coloring! Later after about 20 mins of the girls asking “our we there yet”, we decided to stop again for an ice cream break. Once the girls released some energy and stretched their legs we continued to head south. Once we arrived in Jasper the girls were so excited, they could hardly contain themselves. After checking into the hotel and jumping on the beds, we headed to dinner at a local restaurant called Snaps. Snaps was delicious and priced well, if you are ever in Jasper I would recommend you try it. After dinner the girls needed something to lower their energy level. Jenny found a park close to our hotel and the girls played for a bit. Back at the hotel we played a board game and then headed to bed. Friday morning we got up bright and early so we could be at Holiday World when it opened. We started the day in the kiddie section the girls rode several rides and loved it! After the amusement rides we headed to the water park for the rest of the day. The girls did great on all the rides and loved every minute of it. Then we said when it was time to leave. The ride home was a little quicker than the ride down. The ride home was very quiet the girls slept almost the entire way. We only stopped once for some dinner! We all had a blast.

The Fab Four Getting Ready to Head South
Kinsey Jumping on the Bed
They could finally stretch
Waiting on Dinner
Play Time
How Fun
2 Peas in a Pod
We ate at McDonald's on the way to Holiday World
Getting Ready for Rides
Bumper Boats
After a long day at Holiday World
Sleepy Time

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