Saturday, July 24, 2010

5...No Way

Kinsey Lynn is 5...No Way! It seems just like yesterday that Dathen and Lisa told our family they were going to have a baby! On Christmas 6 years ago Dathen and Lisa bought both our parents slippers for Christmas, then at the end of the gift giving Dathen came out with one more gift for Mom and Dad. They opened the present and it was baby slippers. We all just looked at each other puzzled for a second. Then we noticed that Dathen and Lisa had taken off their sweatshirts and they were wearing t-shirts that said "Mommy" and "Daddy"! We all started screaming and hugging! Kinsey was an exciting addition to our family. Dathen and Lisa love a surprise so they did not find out what sex the baby was. It was such a great surprise for everyone. We were all over joyed to find out that Alivia would have a little girl cousin named to Kinsey to play with! I know the Lord has big plans for Kinsey. She is full of energy and brightens any room she walks into with her smile and laugh! I am glad that I have the pleasure of watching her grow and mature!
Kinsey Opening her presents
Hello Kitty was the theme of Kinsey's party
Kinsey opening the shoes we got her
More gifts
Time to blow out all 5 of those candles
Kinsey, Zach, Brenden
Time for Cake
Kinsey's cake made from love by her Mommy

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