Sunday, April 4, 2010

Strobel Easter

This weekend Eric and I celebrated Easter in Indianapolis with both our families. We had a very busy weekend. We started the weekend off on Maunday Thursday with church in Indianapolis. On Friday I had a super busy day. I started the day grocery shopping with Nancy for Easter Dinner. I then headed to my sister Brandy's and went grocery shopping with her for our family Easter celebration. Later that evening Eric and I went to Good Friday service and Layla stayed the night with us. Saturday we had the Sparks Easter celebration and then watched the Butler Game. On Sunday we started the day off with the sunrise service at church then back home to start cooking for the Strobel Easter celebration. Even though our weekend was jam packed with church and family we would not have had it any other way! Christ has Risen...Alleluia!
I was so busy at the Strobel Easter celebration these are the only 2 pics I snapped!
Our Snack Table & Dinner Table

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