Monday, February 8, 2010

SuperBowl Sunday

This Sunday the 3rd annual Brouwer Strobel Superbowl Party was held in Huntington. We all started the day off at church together with our Superbowl gear on. Later we all met back up and held up the tradition of way to much food, great drinks, and football. This year the party was divided, the Brouwer's were routing for the Saints and the Strobel's were cheering for the Colts.

Eric and Adam at Church
Kristi and I made way to much food for the party. This year we tried to make some dishes that went with each team. For the Saints we made jerk chicken on a stick, jambalaya, popcorn shrimp, and Saints cookies. For the Colts we made corn on the cob, garden salad, mozzarella sticks and poppers. We also had speciality drinks, we had hurricanes for the Saints and Blue Wine for the Colts. We also had many other great snacks.
Adam Hung a Colt Over the Table to Razz Eric and I

I Put a Colt's Tattoo on Bowen to Get Back at Adam

Eric and I at Kickoff

Adam and Kristi at Kickoff

The Colts Couch and the Saints Couch

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