Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Just for Laughs

Everyone needs a laugh now and then. Today you can laugh at me. I had a blonde moment today! This morning I got up early, showered, packed my lunch, put my book bag on my back and headed to Fort Wayne for school. I left extra early due to the road conditions. My first class was at 10:30 am. When I arrived at school I got a front row parking spot, "which never happens". I walked into the classroom ready for my last semester in college. I sat down and waited. Twenty minutes pasted, I started to wonder was school cancelled due to the weather. I walked into the hallway, and asked a woman, "Is school cancelled due to the weather" she replied "No, school does not start until next week". I laughed so hard all the way back to my car that, I was crying! I guess I was just so ready to get the semester over. So to all my fellow classmates I will see you next week when class really starts.

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