Thursday, June 30, 2011

Salamonie Summer Festival Pageant

Last weekend my niece Kinsey participated in Warren’s annual Salamonie Summer Festival Pageant!  My sister in-law Lisa asked me to help get Kinsey ready for the pageant.  I was excited to help but a little nervous because I am not a professional hair stylist! “Good thing I watch Toddlers and Tiara’s, the show is a total train wreck but I can’t stop watching it”. To prepare for the pageant Friday night Eric and I headed over to Dathen and Lisa’s for dinner. After dinner Lisa and I discussed clothes, hair, and accessories. I even had a chance to practice a couple hair styles!  Then pageant morning arrived and I headed back to the house and I started curling Kinsey’s hair about 2 hours later it was complete.  Kinsey was so patient with me.  After all the curls were complete we headed into town for the pageant! Kinsey was so excited but I was still nervous.  I knew I had to change her hair 3 times with only about 15 for each new style.  They started the pageant with interview, then casual wear, hobby, and finally beauty.  Kinsey did a great job! She answered all the questions with full sentences and she was her adorable self!  She did not win a title but she had a blast and that is all the matters in the end.  Kinsey has already asked Lisa to do the pageant again next year!

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  1. WOW! Kinsey is a beauty queen whether she is in a pageant or not! That was alot to ask of little girls and their Mom's and Aunts ... That many wardrobe changes and their hair dos too!! You all did a wonderful job on making her look perfect for the pageant! She's still a winner in my book!!!