Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fair Time

The 4-H Fair is in full swing in Huntington County. Last night I met up with my girlfriends for dinner at the 4-H fair. We ate and chatted and then chatted some more (that's what we do we best TALK). The fair is something that is important to all of us and we love to share in it together. We all spent many summers running around the 4-H fair together and creating lots of memories together as friends.
Heather, Me, and Tiffany
Theo and Trace finally got to meet. Theo is my friend Shannon's baby. Shannon and her husband Brian live on the East Coast. We stay in touch with each others lives by blogging! If you want to check out Shannon's blog go to Shannon and Theo made the 12 hour drive to come back and go to the fair. Shannon is very brave she made the 12 hour drive by her self with baby Theo. Trace is Tiffany and Dwights son's. Tiffany and Dwight live in southern Indiana over 3 hours away. Trace and Theo were born on the same day!
Meet Theo and Trace

Braden Heather's little boy is getting so big.
Heather and my friend Kristi also gave birth on the same. So Trace and Theo have the same birthday and Braden and Bowen have the same birthday!

Trace and Grandma Sherri

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