Saturday, July 17, 2010

4-H Parade

Last night Eric and I along with the Brouwer's attended the annual 4-H parade. I was an active 4-H member all though my youth. Most of summer memories consist of 4-H memories. My sisters and I made the best of fair week. We stayed at the fair all week tending to our animals but mostly just socializing with all our friends. My parents let us do as many project in 4-H as we wanted. I took pigs, chickens, rabbits, and goats for the animals. I also entered sewing, craft, food, and photography projects. The only championship I ever won was green bean casserole and if you know me well you know that green bean casserole is my all time favorite food.
Some of my fair memories I will not share....I would not want to get my sister's (Jennifer and Brandy in trouble)...One of the best nights of fair was auction night. After the auction and the awards we would have spirit night. Spirit night consisted of a crazy obstacle course you had to complete with your team. Whichever team had the best time won the competition and received a prize. For several years a group of my girlfriends and I had a team call the Bombshell Babes....but you know teenage girls we got in a fight over something...(honestly I bet not one of us could tell you what the fight was about now)...but I do remember we were a group divided. Janell, Tiffany, Jennifer, and I left the Bombshell Babes and created our own team. We named our new team Chicks and Hicks. We ask a couple of our guys friends to be on our team!! After the competition Bombshell Babes and Chicks and Hicks made up and the rest is history (but I still like to tease my friend Heather that she was trader for not leaving the team with us)! I could go on and on about funny 4-H memories. What a great way to spend my summers during my youth!
Bowen and I at the Parade Last Night...Look at all that Candy

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