Monday, December 6, 2010

Family Weekend

Eric and I spent this last weekend in Indianapolis with Dan and Nancy.  Since Nancy has been out of commission with her foot problems, Eric and I decorated the tree for her.  We only put about half of the ordainments on the tree she has about 4 more boxes in the garage.  Anyone that knows Nancy knows that she usually decorates every room in the house for Christmas, so this year will be difficult for her with the only decoration being the tree with only half her ordainments.  I made her promise me that she would not drag the rest of the decorations out when I left (I would not be surprised if more Christmas stuff appears over the next couple weeks).  Saturday morning Nancy and I headed to the WELCA brunch after the brunch we packed up yummy cookies for the home bound members of our church.  Hopefully the cookies will bring them a little cheer and let them know that their church family is thinking of them.  I love spreading holiday cheer!
                                                                   Eric's Parents & Aunt Birdie
                                                              The Boxes We Packed Up With Cookies
 Nancy &  Me At The WELCA Brunch

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