Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Just for Laughs

When ever a woman wears a dress and panty hose she always worries about the TUCK...Every woman always checks to make sure that her dress in not tucked into her panty hose. Well, today I forgot the golden rule of checking to make sure my dress was not tucked into my panty hose. Let me start at the beginning...Today was a beautiful day so I decided to wear a dress to school and internship. After my first class I rushed to the bathroom so I could get to my second class on time. While rushing I accidentally tucked my dress into my panty hose. I walked out of the restroom...down the hallway...outside...down the sidewalk....UNTIL finally a nice woman stopped me tell me about the TUCK!!! I was mortified, I am sure my face was candy apple red, and you guessed it....class just got out so there were tons of people around!! Good thing I have a sense of humor. I have now learned my lesson always check your dress!

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