Thursday, March 11, 2010

God is Good

As many of you know my Mom was diagnosed with oral cancer in January. My parents told us kids about the cancer first. We all took it pretty hard. When you hear the word CANCER and MOM in the same sentence you cannot help but think of the worst. The doctors reassured us that this type of cancer is very treatable even curable. Yesterday, my Mom had surgery to remove the mass within her mouth. The surgery went very well. My family and I all went to the hospital and occupied our self in the waiting room. When the surgeon called us to the room my heart was pounding out of my chest, but within seconds the surgeon gave us hope. He thinks he removed all the cancer. About 90 minutes later we finally got to see our Mom. Mom was in great spirits after her surgery. My Mom is the strength of our family and even with cancer she never let us crumble. She stayed strong for us and our family. My Mom has taught us so many things over the years, but over the last 3 months she has taught our family how strong we are together. I want to thank everyone that prayed for my Mom.

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