Thursday, June 7, 2012

Piper's Birth Story

It all started last Tuesday.  I went to my regular scheduled Dr.'s appointment.  They started  the appointment with a Non-Stress Test.  Piper had a strong heart beat but was non-reactive to the light and sound instrument.  I then went in for an ultra sound.  Again during the ultrasound they noted she had a strong heartbeat but would not move, was not making breathing motions, and had low amniotic fluid.  I then saw the Dr. she was very concerned with her low functioning level.  She examined me and then decided to send me straight to the hospital.  Once I arrived at the hospital and was all checked in, they started monitoring both our vitals and gave me steroids and antibiotics for Piper.  Piper continued to have a strong heart but was still unresponsive.  My vitals were pretty steady with the occasional high blood pressure spike.  I really wanted to deliver her naturally but I was not in active labor so my Dr. prescribed cervidil. Cervidil is a cervix ripening agent.  After 12 hours there was no progress.  We tried another cervidil, another 12 hours later no progress.  My Dr. had one last option.  We tried two 4 hour rounds of cytotec.  After 28 hours we were no closer to having a baby. 

Dr. Mills decided a C-Section was going to be the best and safest option for both of us.  My initial reaction was sadness.  I felt robbed of the laboring and birthing process.  After a moment of sadness I bucked and knew I had to do this for Piper.  She was starting to show signs of stress on the monitors.  They started preparing me for surgery.  We finally reached the O.R. at 9:00 pm on Wednesday evening.  They made Eric wait in the hall until my spinal block was complete.  After 5 tries they finally got it to work.  It was now 9:50pm They laid me down and told me once they draped me they would allow Eric in.  I was nervous but knew this was best for Piper.  Dr. Mills then entered the O.R. she was explaining the process to me.  She started draping me and all the sudden I screamed out "Someone Just Kicked Me in the Head".  All the Dr. and nurses were very concerned and tried to explain to me that no one was near my head.   I then started freaking out and screaming "Stop Kicking My Head".  My Dr. then checked my blood pressure and it was 200/104.  At that moment everything in the O.R. changed. My Dr. started giving everyone orders. I was so confused and in so much pain. I had no idea what was going on. My nurse ran out into the hall and got Eric and told him he could only enter if he could handle the pressure and stay calm. Eric says he enter the O.R. at 9:58 and she had just made her first cut.  Piper was born 3 minutes later. 

When I first saw my little Piper my heart sank.  She was was totally purple, limp, and not crying at all.  I remember looking at Eric and asking if she was alive.  Eric responded quickly yes, but just give them a minute.  Once Piper was born they gave me blood pressure medicine.  My blood pressure went from 200/104 to 58/38 within seconds.  I went from one extreme to another. Once they had me stable they continued with my surgery.  Meanwhile the NICU team was assessing Piper.  She scored a 4 out of 10 on her 1 minute APGAR.  They then gave her oxygen, suctioned her lungs, warmed her up, and started simulating her.  Within 13 minutes she was lively and finally let out her first cry.  At 15 minutes old they let Eric start taking pictures.  I remember the moment I knew she was okay.  I have never feel so much joy.  They then brought her over to me and let me kiss her head.  She was just perfect in every way.  Once I was in recovery they let me hold her for the first time.  Love at first sight is real.  I knew once she was born I would love her but I had no idea I would have this intense overwhelming love for her.

So after 6 days and 5 nights they discharged us from the hospital.  They sent us into the world to start our lives together.  My life will never be the same again.  She has already made me a better person and I love being a Mom. 

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  1. Beautiful ending to a very scary labor and delivery!! Thanking God for his many blessings for your family and for ours!! Love, Aunt Jean