Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Home

Out with old in with the new! Here it is...our new home! We are so excited to take this journey as new home owners.I can't wait to make each and every room reflect us. I want to repaint each room and take down all the ugly wall paper down. Since we moved from a furnished apartment we don't any furniture except a bed. Slowly but surely we will furnish our home and make it our own. I look forward to making this house a home and creating many wonderful memories together here.

Our Living Room 
                                                                          Dining Area
                                                                                 Sun Room
                                                                          More Sun Room
                                                                       Back Yard
                                                                           Swing Set
The Den
                                                             Half Bath Downstairs
Laundry Room (The Washer and Dryer Are Coming Friday) 
                                                                                   Guest Room
                                                                          Future Baby Room
                                                                    Another Future Baby Room
                                                              Entry Way From Second Floor
                                                                         Upstairs Hallway
                                                                 Upstairs Guest Bath
                                                           Master Bedroom 
                                                                            My Closet
                                                                    Eric's Closet
                                                                            Master Bath
                                                                       My Jet Tub!!


  1. I love your new home!! It is beautiful and very roomy! I even like alot of the room colors!
    Guess I need to see it in person one of these days.......when some of this snow melts! I hope sooner than later!
    It looks like you have a really large backyard also! Will you be putting up a fence so Max will be able to run free?
    You are making your new memories each and every day from now on.....painting,decorating and furnishing your new home ...that will be part of the best memories you will share with each other!
    I remember our first was very small but we really had a great time re-doing everything. We even made a garden spot and really enjoyed having a garden. We grew the largest plants and vegetables that year! Hint: Ken went to the zoo and got giraffe manure! We believe this still today that that's why we had such large plants!!!!! Enjoy! Love, Aunt Jean

  2. Thanks Aunt Jean,
    I look forward to a visit from you! We would love to put a fence up but we might to have a while due to the cost. I will have to remember the tip about the gardening!
    Love, Heidi Jo