Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Hunt Is On

Eric and I have decided to take the next step in life! We are house hunting. We hope to move to the Aboite area in Fort Wayne. Eric grew up in this area and has lots of great memories of the area. We also love the great school system and the central location to I69 and both our jobs! We are a little nervous but also excited. Buying a house is a huge step and a lot of money. If anyone has advice or tips please share with us.
Below are the houses we haved looked at so far...
This house is the front runner so far...


  1. All of your hard work is starting to pay off guys! That is wonderful that you are looking at houses! My main advice is to buy a house that is less money than your real estate agent says you can afford. That worked for us with our first house. Where is the Aboite area in Ft. Wayne?

  2. Aboite is in southwest Fort Wayne!!

  3. How exciting!!! I'm happy for the two of you! The homes looked so great! How will you pick? You'll probably look at a few more....right?
    Aboite is a great area too!
    I didnt know that Eric grew up in that area.
    Happy house hunting! Maybe your Realtor will want to be on "The Realty of Realtors"show?