Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Still Growing

The weeks are passing by so quickly.  My health seems like a roller coaster.  I am going to the Dr. 3 times a week.  One day all seems well then a couple days later my blood pressure is out of control and Piper does not pass her breathing test.  I am just trying to stay calm (which is extremely hard).  I have no control over this situation and that is really hard for a control freak to accept.  As of right now at 36 weeks little Piper is a little porker at 7.5 lbs, even though she is so big she continues to fail her breathing test.  The Dr.'s are trying to find a balance when thinking of her delivery date.  They don't want her to get to big but we need to wait until her lungs are more developed.  Babies of mothers with gestational diabetes lungs develop at a much slower rate.  It is all just a waiting game.  It will all happen in Piper's time.  I continue to pray for my little ones health and safe delivery.  Only a couple more weeks and we will be able to hold our sweet little baby. 


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