Sunday, May 20, 2012

Piper JoEllen's Room

I am pleased to say Piper's room is totally complete.  I planned every detail and my vision came together.  The details are what make this room special to me.  Now all I need is my little to girl to complete my dream nursery. 

Enjoy the Tour and Details

Her Door Cross 

 Light Cover

Her Over the Door Cross

Her Princess Chandillier

Piper "All Spelled Out"

Crib "No bedding for little Miss Piper, from everything I have read the only thing that is safe to have in your babies crib is a sheet" Last year 665 babies suffocated in their own crib from blankets, stuffed animals, and bumper pads. Piper will wear a sleep sack to bed to keep her warm and cozy.   

Dresser / Changing Table

Storage Cube

Rocking Chair "I am sure we will spend many hours right here"

I love elephants and I hope she always Dreams Big! 

Baby Monitor & Picture Board

My view of the room the from the portable monitor.  I can move the camera from my portable monitor and see the whole room.  I can also talk into the monitor.  I am sure this will come in handy when she is 3 and does not want to stay in bed. 

Her jam packed closet. 

I took this idea from my best friend Kristi.  I wanted a way to organize all her shoes, accessories, and headbands.  The clear pockets will allow me to see everything and not forget she has certain items.  

Her drawers are all organized and ready to all we need is a little Piper!

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