Wednesday, April 18, 2012

31 Weeks

My health concerns were at bay for a couples but now they are back in full swing.  Last week my bp was elevated again so Dr. Mills had me do a 48 hour urine screen this last weekend. Yesterday she received my labs results and called me at work. She had me come to the office right away to check Piper’s vital signs. They hooked me up to the non-stress test for 20 mins. After twenty minutes Piper’s heart rate would not elevate. So they simulated her with a noise/light combo tool. She was non-reactive to the light and noise. They sent me in for an ultra sound. Her heart rate was 143 which is good but again she would not respond to light or noise. She was moving a little and breathing in short spurts. They want her at this point to be able to breath for at least 30 seconds without stopping. She is making it to about 18 seconds without stopping. They score babies on ultra sounds she scored a 6/10. Last week she scored 8/10. Dr. Mills is optimistic about her functioning and health. To be diagnosed with preeclampsia your protein levels have to be over 300 and your bp 140/90 or higher. In one week my protein levels went from the 240 range to over 850. My bp today was 150/110. The Dr. has ordered bed rest and moved her due date up 2 more weeks. She says most likely I will not make it past 37 weeks. Which would have Piper arriving at the end of May instead of the middle of June. Yesterday I also received the results from the amino. The results were inconclusive. They are unsure if she has diabetes or the function level of her pancreas. They will do more testing once she arrives. She does have sugar in her amniotic fluid but that could be there for several reasons. She does have adequate fluid around her. At this point we are just trusting in God to take care of our little Piper.

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