Monday, May 23, 2011

I Love It

I can’t help it! That is right I can’t help but organize every inch of my house.  I think being a clean orderly person is a positive thing.  I find my organization skills to be helpful in many situations.  I love order and cleanliness.   A therapist might say that I clean and organize due to O.C.D. and control issues but they over think  everything (believe me I studied therapy in school for 6 years)! I like to think my organization helps my life run smoother and brings comfort to me.    
Eric Teases Me That I Am Ready For The TV Show Cribs
                              If My Spices Were Not Organized It Would Take Longer To Cook
     Another Reason For My Organization Is I Take Pride In My Home And The Things I Own
                                                                           I Love Order

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