Sunday, May 22, 2011

4 out of 6

Last weekend Eric and I kept 4 of our 6 nieces and nephews overnight.  Alivia was at her Dad’s for the weekend and Benjamin lives 12 hours away and is a little young for an overnight visit.  I don’t know who was more excited about the sleepover the kids or me! We started the evening playing on the swing set.  All the kids love to swing after swinging Uncle Eric facilitated a soccer game!   After lots of outside play we all headed in for a snack, baths, and a movie! A little before 11:00 pm all 4 kids were asleep and at 7:00 am all 4 kids were up and ready to start the day!  By 10:30 am we had eaten breakfast; watched cartoons, played hide n seek, went on a walk, and played on the swing set.  At 10:30 we headed to church with all 4 kids in tow! Our congregation members were impressed that we made to church on time with 4 kids!  The kids were great at church! After church we headed to Pizza Hut for the hand off.  We met all the parents for lunch and discussed the fun night we had.  After Pizza I went home and slept for 2 hours, I was exhausted.  I live for nights like this though; nieces and nephews are one of the great gifts God gave us!  Eric and I have been blessed with 4 nieces and 2 nephews and as of this week we found out that my sister Jennifer and brother in-law Drew are expecting, baby Clark will be here around Christmas time! Eric and I are so excited for Drew and Jennifer!


                                                                          All 4 kids are in the tube!

                                                                                      Breakfast Time

                                                           Chocolate Milk and Donuts

                                                 and fruit so that they had some nutrition

                                                                             Ready for Church

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