Monday, April 21, 2014

22 Months

This month you had an independence explosion. I want to foster your independence but that means you are growing up (which is hard for mama).  You are turning into a big girl right before my eyes! This month daddy and I decided that you did not need to walk around with your pacifier all the time anymore. You had other had hidden pacifiers all around the house.  One by one we collected your stash.  You still have your paci for nap and bed but other than that you have adjusted pretty well to the change. I feel blessed to watch you grow into a little lady. Love you to pieces!

Size: You are wearing18 month clothes. I think you will be wearing 24 months within a month. You are still wearing size 3 diapers but we will be moving to size 4 very soon.  You are a growing girl!

Eating: You are a pretty picky eater.  We continue to try and give you healthy options but that does not mean you eat them.

Sleep Schedule: Most nights you sleep 12 hours. You like to sleep in your own bed.  You don't sleep well when we go other places.

Likes:  Paci and Lovey are at the top of your like list.  You also love water; swimming, taking a bath, playing in the sink.  You are our little water baby. You and Max are pretty close!

Dislikes:   Sometimes I think you dislike listening to mommy ;)

Events:  This month was packed with fun.  We started the month off by playing outside in the snow! The snow this winter has been relentless. You enjoyed daddy pulling you around in your sled and playing in bowls of snow inside! This month we also headed to Disney on Ice! Mommy dressed you up in a Belle costume.  You were super cute and loved all the music and skating.  You continue to enjoy swimming, music and gymnastics class! Your school (Aldersgate Academy) had family night.  Daddy and I enjoyed seeing all your art work and seeing you interact with your teachers and friends.

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