Sunday, October 10, 2010

Party Planning

Six weeks ago my siblings and I decided to throw our Mom a surprise 50th birthday party.  For weeks now we have been e-mailing each other 100 times a day.  We planned the whole party through e-mail.  We decided that the best place to have the party was at our parents house which added another complicated detail to our planning.  Now we had to plan a party and make sure Dad could keep Mom out of the house long enough for us to clean up and set up.  Our Dad jumped on the party train and helped us with all the details and took on the task of keeping Mom out of the house from 10:00 am -6:00pm Saturday!  He planned the whole day for her with lot of and more shopping.  That was a big sacrifice for our Dad since he is not a big shopper but he did for Mom.  After all the details were planned we all met at the Strine house Friday evening to work on food and party prep.  We all had a great time and we were all very excited for the party and hoping that Mom did not figure out what was going on....

  Liam Swinging In Kinsey's Pink Flip Flops

     Liam & Kinsey 
           Layla and Addison
  Kinsey & Me
     Jake The Strine Family Dog
        Pizza / Planning Party
  Doug Finishing Up The Birthday Video

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